“My wife, Mary and I reside in one of the units located within Whispering Pines Condominiums at Deer Brook in Exeter, RI.   Subsequent to my retirement as an aerospace engineer, we moved to our new home in 2009 after spending 42 years in our previous house on Long Island.  We were seeking a condominium situation that offered us value and a community located within an attractive setting in South County.

In comparing price, quality and external setting, we found greater value and attractiveness here than any other offerings we examined in South County.  During the planning and construction stages, Deer Brook Development staff member{s} provided professional and personalized service.  Furthermore, unlike other developments we visited and reviewed for our relocation, we were offered the opportunity to “customize” their basic unit to our taste and requirements to an extent that was practicable for the development and affordable for us.

We have been here for almost three years and have witnessed the realization of the Deer Brook Development’s vision to transform a former gravel pit into a pastoral setting.”
– Harry & Mary Armen