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Ready to buy a new Woman-Centric home, but have a current home to sell?   You’re not alone.  In the real estate world, this is known as the Catch 22.  We understand the tension that exists.  However, there is a unique solution that may be just the answer for your situation.  Watch this quick video presentation by Steve Marsocci, of The Stone Alliance, as he shares about the Guaranteed Trade Program.

Interested to see if the Guaranteed Trade Program will work for you, or have additional questions?  Ask us today.

Tour new Woman-Centric homes in Reynolds Farm or Wyndsor Place this weekend!

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Yes, we know… the holidays are upon us!  While exciting, this time of year can also bring much additional stress to our already busy lives.  Here’s a few Woman-Centric tips that we have found helpful on how to entertain in your home as stress-free as possible throughout the Thanksgiving & (more…)

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If you are considering selling your current home and remodeling is needed, resale value will be a concern.   In order for your home stand out from other homes on the market in your price range, our resident Professional Staging Consultant, Vera, shared the following staging tips.   (more…)

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With Labor Day marking the official end of summer, and the coolness of fall descends upon us, often our stress level escalates as we anticipate the increase of activity level in our days and calendars.   Between kids going to school, sports practices, doing homework, arranging play dates, (more…)

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You’ve probably seen/heard* about the ever-growing trend of single-adults moving back in with their parents, or the reverse – the parents moving in with their adult children and grandchildren.


While often a cost-effective and relational situation for both parties, it can also become wearisome (more…)

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A Two-Part Series

If you’re just joining, read Part 1 here to learn about the affect that clutter has on all of us.  So, how do we make sense of this?  Can we de-clutter effectively?  Can we be stress-free at home?  How does this connect with Woman-Centric design?

We must remember that: (more…)

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A Two-Part Series

With all the media stories related to clutter and tidying up, our awareness and questions about this topic are heightened. What is clutter? Why do we have it? Does it define who we are? If so, how?

Clutter has been defined as “anything you’re keeping around the house (or (more…)

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Having crossed the Daylight Savings threshold, we already are thinking Spring, especially with St. Patrick’s Day and Easter right upon our heels.Spring tulipsAs we gain more hours of daylight and enjoy seeing fresh blades of green grass & bright bursts of color appear across the landscape, it (more…)

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(Read more about Casitas, here).

Flexibility.  A hallmark of Woman-Centric home design*, this word carries much meaning both inside & outside of the home.  Defined in a Woman-Centric concept,  Flexibility environs a home designed to accommodate your present and future lifestyle (more…)

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As we enter the new year, you may be anxious for a fresh look in your home.  (or, perhaps a new home).

“Have you ever been in a paint store and decided on the absolute perfect color for your living room or dining room, had the store mix it up, and then take the paint home, applied it to a wall, and felt color dismay?”




Wouldn’t you like to know how to avoid this?

Today, we are joined by Karen Triedman, a world-renown expert on color, author & professor at Rhode Island School of Design.  She answers her own question with some quick theory and practical advice.

“This [color dismay] can be attributed to a color relationship called “contrast of extent,” which is based on the idea that color needs to work within certain proportional relationships in order to be harmonious. Color gains strength and power when it is increased in extent, so it follows that a color may sometimes appear more harmonious in a small quantity, rather than a larger one: a small amount of a strong color may be pleasing to the eye, but when it occupies a large space it may lose its pleasing quality and its harmony.

Couple deciding on paint colors

So, it is best to test your paint color by renting a color from the paint store or getting several large swatches and  placing them on the wall. This way you can observe the color in various locations and lighting situations that are specific to your individual space.”

Adapted From Color: The Professional’s Guide, Understanding, Appreciating and Mastering color in Art and Design, by Karen Triedman.

Looking for some great color and design ideas?  Visit Reynolds Farm, in North Kingstown, RI, an exclusive Woman-Centric community, to tour furnished model homes through the mind (and eye) of a Woman.

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