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Young Woman Sitting in Front of a Computer and LaughingThe perfect home office takes careful planning, starting with where you want your office to be. Highly visible, public locations such as just off the entry can be great for welcoming clients and colleagues, but some prefer a more private area of the home to minimize disruption.
Then there’s the question of how the office will be accessed-off the, directly from the outside, or perhaps discretely from your owner’s suite? Is shipping and receiving important? You may want a location that provides the potential of a secure shipping vestibule.

Finally, don’t forget the office location’s proximity to a bathroom. And if you’ll be having frequent visitors to your home office, you probably don’t want the nearest bathroom to be your kid’s bath!

Does this “flex space” serve your needs?  Ask us today about a potential home office in your new H.A. Fisher Homes home.

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iStock_000016836953XSmallWhile “no shirts/no shoes/no service” might be the rule in stores and restaurants, at home the “no shoes” rule usually means shoes are not to be worn in the home. Practically speaking, how does this rule play out? Some homeowners resort to keeping most shoes in the garage (cold, and who knows what may have crawled into the shoes?) Others have shoes piling up by (and sometimes blocking) the door from the garage. A better design is to include a seat or bench in the rear foyer transition space leading in from the garage. Guys don’t think much about balancing on one foot while slipping off the other shoe. But when you’re wearing heels…

Having a seat is great for sitting down to untie shoes, and if the space beneath the bench is open, it becomes a natural shoe storage area. (Note—if the area below the bench is open for shoe storage, leaving it flush with the floor makes easy work of sliding kids’ shoes under the bench as you walk by!)

Considering all the options before you build can save in the long run. Talk to your H.A. Fisher Homes representative about options available for your home.

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Couple with moving boxes.1. Pride of Ownership – Unlike renting someone else’s property, Now, this home is truly YOURS to enjoy, in posterity and in tax saving benefits.
2. Energy Efficient – Newly built homes incorporate latest technology and advances, giving a tighter building envelope.
3. Less Costly to Maintain – New products & features incorporated into your new home can lower your monthly living and utility expenses. No more hidden repairs or unforeseen & expensive inspections in older homes.
4. Your Choices – Instead of living with someone else’s (outdated) preferences, or even a newer “cookie cutter” look, you can personalize your own home to your lifestyle/taste.
5. Location – Your choice of neighborhood, access to the world, school district, convenience, lifestyle, etc.
6. New Technology – No more searching for additional outlets, extension cords & power strips, as new homes feature today’s electrical codes to handle today’s ever growing/changing technology.
7. Lower Maintenance – Save time, energy and savings – instead of frustrating your time and finances in repairing rotting foundations, replacing old furnaces or leaking pipes, or tearing out soiled flooring…
8. Safety – Enjoy peace of mind afforded by up-to-date technology, duration against natural disasters & home security system options, all designed in your new home to protect you & your loved ones.
9. Style/Design Options – Save your weekends & late nights for you – not removing old wallpaper and countertops.
10. Open & Spacious – Design for today’s families and entertainment habits reigns – old and tiny gathering spaces are no longer.
11. Closets/Storage – Unlike older homes, you can find and use the closets!
12. Lots of Light – Openness, larger windows, light – no more time/expense tearing down walls…
13. Stronger Sense of Community – Moving into a newly built neighborhood, it’s easy to build friendships quicker and avoid that awkward “new kid on the block” feeling of established houses.
14. New Home Warranty – When did you get that with an older home?
15. New Everything! – Complete w/ “fresh paint” smell, everything in your home is brand new.

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House and Keys in Female HandsPeople rent for various reasons: no hassles, someone else to cut the grass and plow the snow, urban accessibility, etc. Yet, have you also considered the many advantages to owning your own home? For starters, pride of ownership, the great American dream fulfilled, desired location, smart investment…not to mention the tax benefit.


Why should I own?

When you rent, your hard earned money goes towards something you will never keep. Why pay for someone else’s property, when you can make an investment into your future? When you own your own home, you are able to build and improve your credit, lower your monthly expenses, and all the while enjoy a lifestyle you can afford.

Can I afford it?

Did you know that you can Own a NEW home (not a foreclosure you’ll have to fix up) for about the same price you pay in rent each month? Mortgage rates are so reasonable right now! For example, for a new home valued at $170,000, with a mortgage of $164,000, your payment could be as low as $760 per month, before taxes. Check out our quick mortgage calculator!

How can I find out more?

To discover how you can take advantage of all the benefits of home ownership, talk to your mortgage representative or ask us today. In your journey, visit our furnished models at Wyndermere. You can be living in your own new home before you know it!

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You and your friends walk into a model home with a gorgeous fireplace flanked by tall windows at the back of a beautiful great room. “Wow!” remarks one of your friends. Another (who actually thinks the room is a bit predictable) is trying to envision a more contemporary fireplace and a different window grouping. Your best friend is thinking about all of the natural gas it takes to heat that space. And you’re concerned with cleaning those high windows!

This example illustrates how your personality influences your perception of a home. Women tend to exhibit one of four primary home buyer personas. What’s amazing is just how much of our core personality shows up in our homes! Once you’ve identified your strongest personality type, you can focus on things that will likely be very meaningful to you and avoid wasting time with things that probably aren’t very important. It’s fun…and more than a little revealing into why you like what you like! Click here to meet the personalities and to take our survey to see who you are!

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Wondering what is the best way to prep your yard for the upcoming Spring & Summer seasons?  And what to do when?   Here are tips that Art, a URI Master Gardener, shared with us for prepping your yard this time of year.

• Transplant trees & shrubs – late March & early April are perfect months for this.  As soon as the soil is workable, but before buds have swelled or broken open, you can move the shrubs & trees.
• Prune evergreens – March, April & May are ideal for this.
• Fertilize shrubs & trees.
• Remove all that winter mulch from your flower beds.
• Roses – prune & feed them now!
• Divide & transplant summer blooming perennials such as daylilies, delphiniums, irises, chrysanthemums, daises and phlox.  Fertilize established ones as soon as new growth appears.
• Cut back ornamental grasses & let the sun get to the new growth.
• Enrich your soil – Some well-rotted manure, processed manure, peat moss or compost are good additives for building compost humus in the soil.
• Forsythias should be blooming shortly – Prune them after they finish flowering.
• Plant summer flowering bulbs – April is the month to plant dahlias, gladiolas & lilies.
• Veggie time – Now is the time to plant perennial vegetables like asparagus, rhubarb, horseradish, etc.  The first weekend of April is the time to plant carrots, beets, spinach, cauliflower, cabbage, peas, etc.   Warmer weather crops like tomatoes, squash cucumbers, peppers, beans & corn shouldn’t be planted until after the 15th of May.

Do you love roses? Here are a couple of tips specifically for that beautiful flower from Mike and Angie Chute of Rose Solutions:

• Dormant roses – roses that show no signs of springtime growth — can be transplanted anytime the ground is not frozen.
• Roses that have left dormancy – bushes that show signs of springtime growth, (foliage) — are best planted “when the forsythia booms.” Blooming forsythia indicates that the soil temperature (55F) has risen to the point that promotes plant growth.

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How to Avoid Getting Stuck With Two Homes

We’ve all heard the old saying about being caught between a rock and a hard place. Well unfortunately, that’s where most homeowners find themselves when they decide to move from one home to another.

What’s the “Real Estate Catch 22”?
You see, if you buy before selling, you could run the risk of owning two homes. Or, just as bad, if you sell first, you could end up homeless. That’s what is known as the Real Estate Catch 22, and for thousands of homeowners, it’s an extremely stressful position they find themselves in.

Is there a solution?
This financial and emotional tightrope is one many homeowners feel they have to walk alone. However, you should seek out builders offering specialized programs that can eliminate the stress and worry associated with selling and buying another home.

The biggest dilemma when considering purchasing another home is deciding whether to buy first or sell first. Either way is risky because you could end up owning two homes or no home at all. Let’s face it: the real estate market has become a tough environment for buyers and sellers alike. The fact is that it’s more difficult to get homes sold today; therefore, it’s essential that you look for new and innovative ways to meet the demands of the market.

Did you know that H.A. Fisher Homes offers a program that actually guarantees the sale of your home and takes away all of the worry and stress associated with selling and buying another home?

How does it work?
First, our representative will prepare a total market analysis for your home. Then, based on this information, we can determine a market value for your home. The guaranteed price for your home is established from this, which you’ll receive up front (in writing) before your home is marketed. The guarantee offers you double protection – because you know that your home will sell for the guaranteed price. However, if you receive an offer from an outside buyer that’s higher than the guarantee price, you get the higher offer.

Now, you can confidently look for your next home from one of our many fine homes, and immediately place a firm cash offer (not a conditional one) when you find a home you like, because you know what the minimum is that your home will sell for and when you can expect to receive the money from its sale.

Finally, enjoy a more peaceful process, as this service minimizes the emotional roller coaster ride of whether to buy first or sell first so you can avoid the risk of getting stuck with two homes or no home at all.

Remember, not all builders are alike and you should consider only those that can offer you the most innovative solutions available to ensure that your needs are completely and properly met.

*Some restrictions do apply. Ask an H.A. Fisher Homes Representative for more information.

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1. Is the financial strength of the builder important?

2. How many homes has the company built?

3. Does the builder provide a complete set of specifications of your new home?

4. Does the builder include a Manual detailing everything you need to know about your home from construction through future maintenance?

5. Does your new home come with a ten-year warranty?

6. Is your new home located within a new community (as opposed to a scattered site)?

7. Is your new home decorated by a professional at no extra charge?

8. Is your new home “Woman Centric” – designed by women for the lifestyle needs and wishes of women & their families?

9. Does the builder have (published) testimonials from past clients and showcase homes they build now & in the future?

Details, Details, Details!!!! Priceless

Find out more by contacting H.A. Fisher Homes!

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We’ve all heard it – “Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars!”  While we laugh, we realize that very often the priorities “he” may have when building a home may not be what “she” has in mind!  That’s where flexibility and compromise come in – and the home planning stage is the best time to begin those discussions in order to save time (translated to dollars) down the road.

If TV, movies and media are “his thing”, you may want to consider planning space for a media room – or theater room – depending on the way you plan to use it. This space can be designed to accommodate large screens, surround sound, comfy seating – and still be “useable” for small get-togethers and parties.   Envisioning how you will live in the space, both now and in the future, is elemental.

The term “man cave” has become a popular moniker these days and can be referencing that media room, or another “separate” space – in or over the garage, in the basement or spare room – just about anyplace that a man, alone or with friends, does not disturb the rest of the home.   Some guys fill their spaces with sports memorabilia, auto and racing references, even outer space themes have been used. You may even want to plan to include a mini kitchen, large screen and a half-bath. The décor can be truly “his,” but if considered in the early stages of floor plans, this space can be more versatile and accomplished more economically.

The garage is  one of those areas that has a lot of potential when given a little more thought than just the place to park the car and hang the garden rakes.  If there is a “Tool Time” fan in the family, he may dream of a workshop area complete with tool bench, floor space and electrical for large tools, storage, and of course, a refrigerator.  And, when considered in advance, a nice “gardening nook” for he or she might even become part of the plan.

The key is to plan ahead and consider multi-purpose uses for all spaces. Begin with a chat with your builder when you are first considering floor plans – the time spent at that stage can save a lot in the near future by incorporating the “man’s touch”.

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Did you know, according to published studies, Americans on average lose up to 150 hours every year looking for lost or misplaced items?

Garage storage.
Its no secret that garages are getting bigger, and today’s larger vehicles are only part of the reason why. Four bicycles, golf clubs, every kind of ball imaginable, skates, scooters—all in a pile—yuck! Adequate storage makes the mess go away. Today’s garage systems help organize your garage and your life by having a place for tools, gardening supplies, sporting goods, etc.

Kitchen storage.
Table settings for twelve, pots and pans, the 36-cup coffee maker, a dozen cans of pokies online tuna and gourmet cookbooks! We all need lots of storage in the kitchen, so we’re focused on storage and serving issues. Will items be stored convenient to where they will be used? What about pretty dishware and other items you would like to display? Pantry storage for prepared foods? You know how you want your kitchen to function, so talk with us regarding products and solutions available to create your dream kitchen!

Closet storage.
The surging popularity of closet storage systems, fueled in part by cable TV shows transforming uninspired closets into fanciful wardrobes.

Planned as carefully as a kitchen or the owner”s suite bathroom, such spaces are increasingly being designed in three dimensions: their length; width and height. Many times a home”s rooflines allow for the owner”s suite closet to have a tall or sloping ceiling. Particularly useful for infrequently used or seasonal apparel, items can then be stored on a third rod and high shelves. Utilize all of the space you”re paying for! And for easier access, add pull down rods or consider adding a library ladder to reach to the top.

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