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National home buyer feedback tells us that it is difficult for some people to envision a finished home when just looking at black and white floor plan artwork.

To help our customers get a better feel for a home’s livability factor, we at H. A. Fisher Homes have worked with Design Basics.  Their research was fascinating, revealing 4 primary “lenses” which buyers view through to determine a home’s suitability for their household: entertaining, de-stressing, storing and flexible living.  Hence, Livability At A Glance® and its accompanying color palette on floorplans make it easier to understand how a home lives while also helping to highlight amenities which might otherwise be overlooked.

Likewise, each of our floor plans are color-coded, highlighting these four different categories especially important to women: Entertaining (yellow), De-Stressing (blue), Storing (orange) and Flexible Living (green).  Now you can view home designs through a “livability” lens, and determine which of these four aspects you most prefer.

When you’re considering building a new home, the better you can picture yourself actually living in the home at the beginning of the process, the more likely you will end up with exactly what you had in mind when it’s completed!  We at H. A. Fisher Homes can build your home based on your preferences.

Take our Livability at a Glance survey to determine which of these categories— Entertaining, De-stressing, Storing and Flexible Living—are most important to you.

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The festive holiday season is right around the corner – and there is so much to do.   Here’s a few tips for getting ready for the fun, and enjoying it, too.

If your outdoor lights aren’t up yet, it’s time to begin that task.  Plan ahead and map out where lights are going ahead of time to be sure you have enough lights and cords before you get started and inspect all of your cords for cuts or breaks before you plug them in. Then test the lights before hanging them.  If you are purchasing new lights, keep in mind the advantages of LED lights: they stay cool to the touch, give off brilliant light and even though they are more expensive initially, you really will save a lot of energy/money in the long run.  Whatever lights you decide to purchase for your outdoor displays, be sure the packaging specifies that they are for outdoor use – and that goes for the cords and timers you use, too.

Now – plan the party!  When putting together the guest list, be mindful of your space. You will want everyone to be able to mingle and enjoy themselves, so maybe the sit down dinner you initially planned becomes a buffet.  In either case, remember the a table or buffet centerpiece can nearly “decorate” the whole room – and it doesn’t have to be expensive to  set the mood. Use your imagination and some of what nature has to offer.  Pine sprigs, leaves, gnarly branches, acorns – much of nature’s bounty can be beautifully paired with sparkly holiday ribbons and baubles in glass vases and bowls and spread around a table.  Add a candle here and there and you have original centerpieces that are conversation starters as well.

Are the children coming?  Be sure to plan a kid-friendly area with board games, perhaps a long sheet of butcher’s paper and plenty of crayons, DVDs for kids, finger foods and plasticware.

And always expect very hungry and thirsty guests so you aren’t tense about running into shortages before the event is over – or if visiting friends or relatives “tag along” for the occasion.  Your uneasiness can set the tone for the whole party.

Take just a little time for  pre-planning and when the day arrives – enjoy yourself and your guests!  That’s what the season is really all about.

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This has been the philosophy of Hugh Fisher since he began building homes back in 1976 – and he continues to strongly believe it today. You probably know Hugh Fisher and most assuredly have seen some of his quality homes. Now he and his team are excited to welcome you to his brand new website where you can find information on his building process, where he is building and photos of some of his finished homes.

The H.A. Fisher Homes website also outlines in detail what makes Hugh Fisher’s Woman-Centric homes unique and offers helpful tools that may help you identify home features that could enhance your own family’s lifestyle.

From the beginning, Hugh has sought to offer cutting-edge design and construction techniques for his clients.  After fully embracing Woman-Centric Matters in 2007, Hugh became the exclusively licensed Woman-Centric homebuilder in Rhode Island, and he and his team are now thrilled to offer Women-Centric home design and experience to their clients.

Go ahead. Browse through the website and see the many ways a Woman-Centric home is planned around you and your lifestyle and you will understand why Hugh Fisher has long believed – in home building – all square feet are not created equal.

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H.A. Fisher Homes is proud to reveal its new brand and identity as well as a new online presence. Throughout this site you can learn about our developments, our Woman-Centric philosophy, and you can explore the possibilities for your new home. Sign up for our newsletter to receive announcements and news right in your inbox or subscribe to our blog feed.

We hope you enjoy learning about H.A. Fisher Homes and we hope to hear from you soon!

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