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I am an Interior Designer and have very high standards for quality and workmanship and my home exceeds both of those requirements.
– Kim L.

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A Women-Centric project, these homes were designed with special details to the reality of everyday life.
– Steve R. and Michelle N.

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My first experience with Women-Centric homes was when I walked into the model condo and knew I had arrived.
– Judi Quinlan

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There were endless possibilities and you never felt rushed and or pressured to make a decision.
– Eliza L.

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…we were offered the opportunity to “customize” their basic unit to our taste and requirements to an extent that was practicable for the development and affordable for us.
– Harry & Mary Armen

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Finally About Me Take The Survey Now
What's Your Style?

Does a casual and carefree home style put you at ease? Or is it more important for your home to make a formal statement about who you are? What is your personality and how does it impact your lifestyle?

“Finally About Me®” is a short survey created to help identify your own specific characteristics which, in turn, often impact your preferences in home design and building product choices.

To better accommodate the specific way you want to live in your home, h.a. Fisher Homes offers “Finally About Me®” personality-reflective options for your home.

Discover your personality!  “Finally About Me®” is short, fun and insightful!


  • contemporary
  • work/life balance
  • form over function
  • edgy
  • goal oriented
  • indivisualistic
  • my home is unique
  • traditional
  • work/life balance
  • function over form
  • practical
  • family oriented
  • predictable
  • my home is my haven
  • formal
  • work/life balance
  • form and function
  • sophisticated
  • quality driven
  • detail oriented
  • my home makes a statement
  • casual
  • work/life balance
  • function over form
  • spontaneous
  • project/activity driven
  • free spirited
  • my home is carefree