Have you explored Net Zero Energy Ready home design? Visit the first Net Zero Energy Ready neighborhood in Rhode Island, right in Warwick, Wynfield Place.  Featuring Woman-Centric design elements, and meeting DOE’s Net Zero Energy Ready, Energy Star and EPA’s Indoor Air Plus standards, Wynfield Place offers one of the healthiest, comfortable and energy-efficient new neighborhoods to be built in Rhode Island!  The home of the future is now possible to live in today.

So, what is “Net Zero” all about?   Quite simply, the energy “load” (or amount that is consumed by the home & its occupants) of a Net Zero Energy Ready home is so low, by design & technology; this evidences in the utility needed to run the home, being very low.  A truly Net Zero home featuring solar power to bring it completely off the grid (or producing as much, if not more, power than it consumes.  A Net Zero Energy Ready home is prepped to receive Solar powered, giving the homeowner the option to add it if and when they are ready.   Already the home, as Net Zero Energy Ready, is incredibly energy efficient and comfortable.  Now, combined with federal and local incentives for solar power, the option to be utility free is quite real!  Explore the “Zero Experience” for yourself, and visit Wynfield Place this weekend!

Wynfield Place, 200 Granite Street, Warwick, RI 02886.